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Automated Case Management Systems, Inc., has corporate offices which are located in Los Angeles, California and a branch office located in Miami, Florida.

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ACMS, Inc. is proud to announce the arrival of Casewatch Millennium® for HIV and AIDS (CMHA). CMHA incorporates everything we've learned over the last fifteen years working with social services and healthcare organizations who provide direct services to people with HIV and AIDS. While preserving the success of the past we have added new features for improved client service and worker productivity.

ACMS, Inc. was founded in 1987 in direct response to the AIDS epidemic. The purpose was to create a software package to help community based organizations provide service to people with HIV and AIDS while working within the confines of small, limited budgets. The software package that emerged was IMACS (Information Management of AIDS Cases and Services).

In 1990 we were awarded a federal government contract through competitive bid to enhance IMACS into a full HIV/AIDS case management system. IMACS was installed in several agencies across the country over the next several years.

In 1995 we enhanced IMACS to handle multiple organizations as a true central system. We installed our first county-wide HIV/AIDS system in Miami, Florida. The SDIS (as it's known in Miami) has approximately 40 organizations (social services agencies, outpatient medical clinics, and hospitals) connected through telecommunications to one central server. After a client signs an informed consent, which is entered into the system, all of the organizations can enter and share data on a client thereby eliminating duplication of effort, duplication of services, and minimize client frustration. Clients can receive services from multiple agencies without being asked the same set of questions at every agency.

In addition to case management, the Miami providers use the Contract Management and Billing Modules to produce Dade County Ryan White Title I fee-for-service invoices, CBC reports, manage HOPWA money, etc.

In April 2001 Casewatch Millennium® for HIV and AIDS was installed in Los Angeles as the start of a new central HIV/AIDS system for the Office of AIDS Programs and Policy. In addition to incorporating all the features of IMACS, CMHA easily handles cross-Title reporting. Casewatch Millennium® is HIPAA compliant.
Alcohol and Substance Abuse

We are in the process of an installation for Alcohol and Substance Abuse Case Management. Please contact our offices for more information.
Contract Management
and Invoice Processing

The Hillsborough County (Tampa, Florida) Department of Health and SocialServices selected Casewatch Millennium® to replace its in-house computer system that had been used to process and track payment of invoices. As part of its charter, the Department is responsible for determining General Assistance (GA) eligibility, authorizing and tracking GA payments, and administering the County's Health Care Plan.

By implementing Casewatch Millennium®, Hillsborough County increased their control over these areas as well as automating the management of the Department's Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable contracts, production of grant reports, tracking client repayment obligations, customer service tracking, and correspondence. Casewatch Millennium® is HIPAA compliant.
Children Services

Orange County California Children Services (CCS) uses Casewatch Millennium®. Historically, the purpose of the CCS Program has been twofold: to care for physically challenged children by providing direct services of physical and occupational therapy, and to administer the authorization and payment of treatment for these children by other health care providers through County funds or as the Medicaid gatekeeper.

Casewatch Millennium® has enabled CCS to automate the main components of their operations: appointment scheduling, determining program eligibility (residential, medical, and financial), authorization of services, utilization review, claims processing, vendor payment, correspondence, and reports. Casewatch Millennium® is HIPAA compliant.

In 1996 ACMS, Inc. installed a city-wide case management system for homeless agencies in a southern California municipality. Twelve agencies using 96 workstations are connected to one server. They share client information regarding the services that they jointly provide. Casewatch Millennium® has a structured informed consent that enables a client to determine the level of data access agencies have to their information. This informed consent is controlled by the client's case management agency. In addition to standard Casewatch Millennium® functions, the system handles the HUD Shelter Plus Care contracts and local and federal reports. Casewatch Millennium® measures outcomes based on key indicator data tracked over time via case review and care plans. Casewatch Millennium® is HIPAA compliant.
Managed Care
& Claims Adjudication

St. Joseph's Medical Center in Lewiston, Idaho, selected Casewatch Millennium® for their managed care program managed by the Lewis Clark Health Alliance. Casewatch Millennium® is used by the nursing staff for inpatient pre-certification, case management, and utilization management. Casewatch Millennium® exchanges eligibility and pre-certification data with the Blue Shield of Idaho's eligibility and claims processing system.

Polk County Florida Community
Healthcare Services selected Casewatch Millennium® to administer the county's general assistance program and the county's health plan.

Casewatch Millennium® is used for appointment scheduling, enrollment, eligibility determination, service authorizations, medical claims adjudication, and contract management. Casewatch Millennium® is HIPAA compliant.
Native American Tribes

The Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians and the Poarch Band of Creek Indians selected Casewatch Millennium® to automate their Social Services Department and Tribal Office Assistance Program. The Social Services Department uses Casewatch Millennium® to manage clients in need of general financial aid and to manage their foster care program.

The Tribal Office Assistance Program uses Casewatch Millennium® to track applications for assistance and the disbursement of tribal funds to help those in need.

Once the case workers determine eligibility, Casewatch Millennium® calculates assistance payments and foster care payments. Casewatch Millennium® produces weekly requests for assistance checks and purchase orders. These are used by the tribe's Accounts Payable System to issue checks. In addition, Casewatch Millennium® has been programmed to produce several federal reports required by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Casewatch Millennium® is HIPAA compliant.
STD Casewatch Millennium®

STD Casewatch Millennium® is an information system for surveillance and case management of sexuality transmitted diseases. STD Casewatch Millennium® tracks information on the six sexually transmitted diseases and syndromes that are reportable by law: Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Nongonococcal urethritis (non-chlamydial), Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID-non-gonococcal/non-chlamydial), and Chancroid. In addition, HIV partner notification work can be assigned and monitored through the system. Data captured falls into two types: morbidity and case management. Morbidity data include basic patient demographics, diagnosis, laboratory, and treatment information. While these data are also used in case management, additional information is collected to facilitate public health follow-up. The additional information includes sex partners and associates who may be incubating or infected. Also included are the public health activities undertaken to locate other infected residents.

STD Casewatch Millennium® was developed in conjunction with the Los Angeles County STD Program.
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